Schedule for Spelling Assignments:

Monday - Wednesday - Take post test in school (Check your schedule for the day)
Tuesday: Make note cards for new lesson (use Quizlet to help you)
Wednesday's Homework - Complete Activity #1
Thursday's Homework - Complete Activity #2
Monday's Homework - STUDY AND Complete Activity #3

Spelling should NOT be something that you just "study" for. The words should be a catalyst for both new ideas for writing and new understanding in reading. Who knows...maybe some will even help in math! Take your new words and play with them. Here are the directions for each spelling lesson:

You must complete THREE spelling activities each week (no, studying is not one of them). Choose one activity from the first list and the other from the second list. The third is an e-mail to me. If you create a new game--fabulous! On that study day, why not practice your sign language as well?!? Spell out your words in sign language! You may be able to teach others as well!

Activity List #1
Choose ONE activity from this list (Wednesday's Homework)

You must choose a different activity each week!
          • Comic Strip - Use this handy blank comic strip form to create a comic strip using each of your spelling words!
external image pdf.png SpellingComics.pdf

          • Trace Around - Print one of your spelling words neatly. Take a colored pen and draw an outline around the word, closely following the shapes of the letters. Close your eyes and remember the shape. Now try to write the word. You must use ALL of your words.
          • Riddle Me - Write a riddle for each word.
          • Story, Story - Write a story using ALL of your spelling words.
          • Sing Them Loud, Sing Them Soft - Have your Mom or Dad sing the letters of a spelling word to you in a loud voice. You echo the spelling and then sing it again softly. Now BOTH of you sing the word in the voice you choose! Be prepared to come in and sing!!
* Stairsteps - Write words as if they are stairs, adding one letter each time. (If you are using lined paper, begin up against the left margin line. If you are using graph paper, begin on the left. Use ALL your words.
* Rainbow Words - Write a spelling word with your pencil. Now trace around the outside with a crayon, hugging the same but not touching the letters. Pick two other crayons to continue tracing outward! Use ALL your words.

Activity List #2
Choose ONE activity from this list (Thursday's Homework)


* Alliterations - Do any of your spelling words begin with the same sound? Even if they don't, you can write alliterations for them! Try to use as many words as you can within the sentence that have the same beginning sound -- BUT it has to make sense to be a sentence! Now try saying them quickly. Got your tongue tied?
  • Swat Words - Write out your spelling words in big letters on a big sheet of paper. Give your parents clues like we do during Morning Meeting. ("The first letter is _ and the last letter is _.") See if they can "swat it" with a fly swatter! (Maybe they'll even let you cut one so it looks like our classroom’s word swatter if you ask nicely!)
  • Practice Test - Make up and take a practice test.
  • Wordsearch - Make a wordsearch puzzle.

* Story, Story - Write a story using ALL of your spelling words.

Activity List #3
Choose ONE activity from the list (Monday's Homework)
Send this to Mrs. Daniels ( by 8:30 am on Tuesday! You must choose a different activity each week!


Blabberize is a Web 2.0 tool that allows you to create a talking picture, called a Blabber, from any photo or graphic image. To create a free account, go to:Blabberize

Blabberize Resources

Click on the link below to learn how to start making your own Blabbers.
  • Make a Blabber - Click here to go straight to Blabberize to make your own Blabber: Make Your Own. Once you've gone through the simple steps, you'll need to login (or create a Blabberize account if you don't have one) in order to save or share your Blabber

Wall Wisher

Wall Wisher

Talk about interactive!! Enjoy this cool presentation style!

What is Glogster?

Glogster is a Web 2.0 tool which allows you to "poster yourself". All you need to do is create a free login and click on Create a Glog. Your poster or Glog can contain text, images, audio, and video. Everything that you place on our poster can have a link to a Web page. The tools are simple to use. There is a commercial version of Glogster. However, since the general public uses that site, you may encounter some unsavory Glogs there. Teachers should create educational Glogster accounts at: Glogster. This is a site that is dedicated for the sole use of educators and students. Teachers can create class accounts which allow their students to create Glogs, too. For more information or for help in using the educational version of Glogster, go to:

Log In: 5daniels
Password: werock

* VOZ Me - Type your words into the box on this page -> hit Create mp3 -> listen and download the computer reading you your words! Even MORE fun if you type in silly sentences with your words! VOZ Me

Corkboard - This is a really cool site that you can set up your words on a board. It's simple to use and you can put it on your wiki. Friends can even come and comment on your board---just send them the link. Corkboard
* geoGreeting - geoGreeting uses buildings from around the world to type your words! You can either copy to send the code from your own email program or you can email from this page. geoGreeting *Xtranormal - An incredible site that allows you to make movies with your spelling words (username - daniels5, password - werock). **Xtranormal**
* You should click on "Make Movies", choose your icon (wait for it to load) and write the script in the text box provided. Play with the icons to the left---they'll add animation to the cartoon.
* Copy and paste the address in an e-mail and send it to me.CRITERIA:You MUST use 5 text boxesYou MUST use 5 words Let 'em Sing it to You - Yes, I've put it up. Type in 1 paragraph (using 5 words) and have the computer sing it back to you---a very cool site! When your done (and your words are spelled correctly) e-mail it to me. Let 'em Sing It For Studying Try signing your words. Use the chart to work with the person who may not know sign language! external image pdf.png SignLangLetterChart.pdf